How to sync google calendar with outlook

To manage appointments and reminders, many users prefer to use Outlook or Google Calendar, depending on the type of device they are using. The two programs are often used simultaneously, but this can quickly lead to chaos if you don’t keep both calendars up-to-date. One way to remedy this is with synchronization, for example with the Outlook Google Calendar Sync tool, which merges the events of both calendars. 

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Merging calendars from Outlook and Google – what are the options?

There are various ways to see appointments from both Google and Outlook without having to have both calendars open at the same time. By exporting and importing, for example, you can transfer the current status of one calendar to another. If you also want to change and extend these appointments, you can synchronize your calendars with each other by using a third-party application. In this manner, changes take effect in both. It is also possible to subscribe to your own or public calendar (e.g. that of sport clubs) and their dates. This allows you to include them in your weekly and monthly planning.

Here we will explain how to set these three different linking methods for your Outlook and Google calendars.

Import your Google Calendar into Outlook

When you import a calendar, you receive a snapshot of the calendar results at the time of import. This also means that the imported events are not automatically updated when you make changes in the original calendar. However, this also means that the imported events are not automatically updated when you make changes in the source calendar. Importing appointments is therefore a good synchronization method, especially if you want to add fixed appointments to your calendar, such as birthdays, office hours, and so on. To import the Google calendar into Outlook or another calendar, you must first export it.

How do I export my Google Calendar?

To export your Google Calendar, first log into your Google account. Then click on the “calendar” button to start the program. By clicking on the gear wheel symbol in the upper menu bar, you can open the calendar settings.

Select “Import & Export” from the left navigation menu and click “Export” under the export button. Google will then automatically create a ZIP-packed file of your appointment information in the iCal format.

All you need to do now is unzip the exported file using the appropriate software (e.g. WinRAR) to import it into Outlook.

Import your Google Calendar with the Outlook desktop client – how it works

To import your Google Calendar using the Outlook desktop app, start by opening the client. Find the tab labelled “File” and select the “Open and Export” option.

Click on “Import/Export” to open the assistant for importing and exporting files and settings. Select the option “iCalendar – (ICS) or vCalendar files (VCS) import” and click “Next.”

After importing, you will find the Google calendar in the "Other calendars" section, where you can call it up and view it at any time.

How do I import the Google Calendar into Outlook Web App (OWA)?

Of course, you can also import the exported Google Calendar into Outlook Web App. In the first step, call up the OWA log-in page and log in as usual with your login data. Then switch to the calendar view by clicking on the small calendar icon at the bottom left.

To insert the exported Google Calendar file, click "Add Calendar" and select "From a file" from the menu that appears.

In the Import menu, select the exported Google Calendar file by using the browse function. Here, you can also set which Outlook calendar your Google calendar should be imported into if you have different calendars in your Outlook. Confirm the import process by clicking on "Save" to import the calendar.

Subscribe to Google Calendar with Outlook

To provide your own Outlook calendar with the latest data from your Google calendar, you can simply subscribe to the Google calendar. If you have the individual address of another person's calendar, you can also subscribe to their calendar. In this way you can, for example, integrate the calendar of your partner, work colleagues, or an association of which you are a member. Now you have all appointments at a glance and won’t miss any meeting or event.

If you subscribe to a calendar, it will be linked to your calendar. Basically, it's like subscribing to social networks. As soon as the owner of a calendar you have subscribed to changes or adds something to his calendar, this is also shown in your calendar.

How to subscribe to Google Calendar with Outlook Desktop App

You can subscribe to your Google Calendar from your Outlook account by using your corresponding iCal address.  Since you'll find them in the Google Calendar preferences, the first thing you need to do is open the Google application and open the preferences menu by clicking "Settings and Sharing."

Under the heading "Integrate calendar" you will find the required URL address in iCal format. If you want to export the calendar for private purposes only, copy the URL under the name "Private address in iCal format." If you have made your calendar public, you can alternatively select and copy the public address.

Now switch to your Outlook account. After you have set the calendar view (1.), select "Add calendar" and "From the Internet...". (2.).

The "New Internet Calendar Subscription" window will appear, where you can now paste the previously copied iCal URL of your Google calendar before clicking "OK."

Before you confirm whether you want to subscribe to the calendar, you can make further configurations to the calendar (folder name, upload limit, etc.). To do this, simply click on "Advanced." However, this is not necessary to subscribe to a calendar.

The Google calendar has been subscribed to with your Outlook account. You should now be able to see all current and future appointments from your Google calendar in Outlook.

Subscribing to Google Calendar with Outlook Web App

Basically, subscribing to the Google calendar with the Outlook Web App is very similar to subscribing to the desktop app: first, of course, you have to find out the necessary iCal address of the Google calendar before logging into your Outlook account. There you switch to the calendar view as with the desktop client and click on "Add calendar." Then, select "From the Internet" from the options above.

In the next field, insert the iCal URL of your Google calendar and specify the desired name.

Now, you can retrieve your subscribed Google calendar at any time and also view the appointments entered there in Outlook. However, you cannot enter your own appointments in a subscribed calendar.


You can share your Outlook calendar, so that it is visible for friends and colleagues.

Synchronizing Outlook and Google Calendar with third-party applications

To synchronize Outlook and Google calendars with each other, you can also use a separate program. For this, there are some free programs such as the open source software Outlook Google Calendar Sync as well as various paid solutions such as Sync2. We will show you an example of synchronization with these two.

This is how synchronization with Outlook Google Calendar Sync works

Step 1: Download Outlook Google Calendar Sync from the official project page.

Step 2: Via the downloaded file, you can open the synchronization wizard directly by double-clicking it. Before you can start the synchronization process, however, you must first specify your Outlook and Google accounts in the settings. Switch to the "Settings" tab, where you first enter the address to be linked to Microsoft's mail service under "Outlook." Then, under "Google," establish a connection to your Google account by clicking on "Retrieve Calendars" and logging into your account.

Finally, you use "Sync Options" to define the synchronization parameters – for example, the intervals at which the calendars should be updated or which colors should be used for which categories. These settings can be changed at any time.

Step 3: Save the settings and switch back to the start tab "Sync." Click on "Start Sync" to finally merge the appointments of the selected Outlook and Google calendars:

To synchronize Google and Outlook calendars with Sync2

Step 1: Download the program from the official Sync2 website.

Step 2: Install and run the program on your PC. The synchronization setup wizard will then offer you different options depending on which accounts you want to synchronize. To link Outlook and Google calendars, select the "Google Services" option.

Step 3: After you select the Google Services option, the Google log-in window appears. Here you log in as usual with your access data.

Step 4: After logging in, Sync2 automatically links your Google account to your Outlook calendar.

Step 5: If you now open your Outlook calendar, you will find a new tab named "gSyncit" in the display bar:

Click on "Sync Calendars" to add a calendar. A new window ("Options") will open in which you click on the green plus sign in the upper left corner.

Step 6: A new window appears again. Here you select the portal in which your calendar is located. In this way you can connect all your mail accounts and calendars with each other.

Step 7: Then fill in the fields "Name," "E-mail address," and "Synchronization interval" in the options window. You use the interval to specify the intervals at which your calendar is to be updated. You can change these settings at any time.

Your Google calendar is now connected to your Outlook calendar. To test this, enter an appointment in your Google calendar. This appointment should also appear in your Outlook calendar shortly afterwards. Pay attention to the time you have entered in the "Synchronization interval" field.

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