Deleting an EA account: here’s how

Deleting an EA account can unfortunately not be done in just a few clicks. To do this, you need to contact EA Support via your account and request a deletion. We’ll show you how it works here.

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Quick guide: deleting your EA account

Via customer service

  1. Go to
  2. Select a game from the list.
  3. Select a platform.
  4. Select the topic “Manage my account”.
  5. Then “Delete my account”.
  6. Log in and send your account deletion request to support.

Deleting your EA account: things to know

If you want to delete your Origin account, but only find instructions for the EA account, don’t worry. For quite some time, EA had been planning to rename its game download platform Origin Launcher. Since 2020, Origin has been known as the “EA Desktop App” following a rebranding and is still used to buy, download, and install EA games.

Unfortunately, there is no direct option in the EA account to delete the EA account. To cancel the EA account subscription, you should contact EA customer service directly. This can be done via email through your EA account as well as by phone. Keep in mind when canceling all user and data, and all access to purchased games, in-game purchases, and linked data will be lost.

EA desktop app: deleting an EA account

Step 1: Open the EA site Then click on “Contact us”.

Step 2: Now select any game from the list. It doesn’t matter which one. Next, select any platform in the next window under “What platform are you playing on?” Again, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Step 3: Under “Select topic” go to “Manage my account” and under “Select issue” click on “Delete account”.

Step 4: Now log in to the EA account with your login data, follow the steps below, and inform support about your cancellation request in the form.

Step 5: Users from the EU are also able to permanently delete all associated data. To do so, go to the EA delete account help page. Click on “Contact Us” at the top. Go to “Data Privacy” and then “Delete my data”. Mention “Right to be Forgotten”. This will ensure that all associated data is permanently deleted in accordance with EU law.

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