Garuda Linux: More than a Linux for gamers

Garuda Linux is a young operating system popular among gamers. The Arch Linux derivative offers 12 different desktop environments and numerous graphical interface tools. Garuda Linux is updated according to the rolling release principle.

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What is Garuda Linux?

Garuda Linux is a derivative of Arch Linux that combines the functionality and freedom of choice of the minimalist Linux distribution with the graphical installation aid Calamares, numerous desktop environments and other user-friendly tools. The operating system is maintained by an international team working with Indian developer Shrinivas Kumbhar (pseudonym: Librewish) and has been available as a rolling release since 2020.

The comparatively young distribution enjoys great popularity among gamers wishing to use Linux. Garuda Linux uses Pacman as a package manager and gets its updates from the Arch repositories and Chaotic-AUR. The name “Garuda” is borrowed from Indian mythology describing a mixture of man and eagle.

What makes Garuda Linux stand out?

What sets Garuda Linux apart from Arch Linux is the choice of 12 different desktop environments and window managers. Dragonized, Dragonized Gaming, and Dragonized BlackArch are not the only three KDE variants. Others include Cinnamon, Gnome, or Xfce. In addition, the derivative boasts numerous graphical interface tools to simplify setup of the operating system for beginners. The Garuda Gamer application is aimed at users who use their computer primarily for gaming. It simplifies and optimizes the installation of curated gaming software. The basis of Garuda Linux is the Zen kernel Linux 5.15.10 LTS Zen1.

Whom is the operating system suitable for?

Garuda Linux gained a reputation for being well-suited for gamers because many options can be optimized for games or platforms like Steam. However, non-gamers may be equally happy using the Linux distribution as it incorporates plenty of advantageous features of the customizable Arch Linux while also providing graphical interfaces. To experience all the advantages of a free system, without needing the know-how for manual installation and maintenance, Garuda Linux is a good alternative.

What are the system requirements of the distribution?

Compared to the minimalistic Arch Linux, Garuda Linux system requirements are a bit more extensive. Although exact requirements depend on the chosen desktop environment, there are no major differences between the variants. The developers themselves estimate a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 30 GB storage space. However, 8 GB of RAM and at least 40 GB of storage are recommended for smooth installation and use. A disk with at least 4 GB is required to install Garuda Linux. Gaming desktops will need twice as much.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Garuda Linux?

To gauge if Garuda Linux is the right operating system for your needs, take a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Desktop environment: With access to 12 different desktop environments, most users will find an option that suits their needs. The spectrum ranges from slim options like Xfce to selected gaming environments.
  • User-friendliness: Apart from the desktop environments, Garuda Linux is not just nice to look at, but also user-friendly. Numerous graphical interface tools simplify working with the operating system, making it a suitable option for beginners. Calamares helps with the installation and Pacman supports package management.
  • Choice: There is plenty of choice for adding different desktop environments and software. It’s up to the user to decide which software they wish to install. This is where the Arch Linux approach comes into its own. Besides the repository of the source system, packages can be obtained from Chaotic-AUR.
  • Rolling Release: The rolling release model ensures that the system is always up to date. Updates, fixes, and new features are directly imported.
  • Security: For security, Snapper is included. During installation, the Btrfs tool is automatically configured and creates snapshots. So in case of an error during a rolling release, it is possible to reset the system to a previous state. FireDragon is a web browser that protects user privacy.


  • Scope: Compared to Arch Linux, Garuda Linux is large and has higher system requirements. Although you can design the system yourself, it will not be slim.
  • Preinstalled software: Garuda Linux does not come with much preinstalled software. For users who prefer the Arch Linux approach this may be a challenge. Those who wish to get going straightaway after setup, may find they are missing the required software such as office programs.

What are alternative operating systems?

Overall, Garuda Linux is a promising operating system that should satisfy gamers. However, users who prefer a different focus may want to consider alternative Linux distributions for laptop and PC. Manjaro Linux, for example, takes a similar approach, but doesn’t focus on gaming. Ubuntu, Debian, and spin-offs like Linux Mint or Elementary OS 6 all have a large fan base.

In addition, there are strong Linux server distributions like the CentOS successors AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux.

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