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Whether you are a fitness blogger, personal trainer or nutritionist, a domain name that allows you to stand out from the crowd and create a memorable web presence is integral to the success of your website. An easy and appealing domain name that visitors will remember plays a large part in ensuring customers return to your website. A growing trend in the market is top level domains that allow you to customize your domain name from start to finish, and we have some great ones available so you can showcase your expertise - like .coach and .training - as well as many other domain deals on offer. Buy a .fitness domain name today and prove you have your finger on the pulse of cutting edge trends!

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One of the biggest steps in building a brand is finding the right name. If you have found the perfect name for your business, you may be disappointed to discover that the domain name that corresponds with your brand has already been snapped up. This means that you may struggle to find a name that measures up and is not too similar to your competitors, or even promotes traffic to their site. Rather than settling for a second rate solution, register a .fitness domain and not only get your choice of name, but develop a unique presence online.

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Abandoning the traditional .com for something like a .fitness domain gives your online presence instant identity. Depending on the focus of your website, you can choose something like .coach or .training and leave no visitor wondering exactly what it is you do - a vital step towards steadily attracting and keeping traffic to your site. What's more, choosing a personalized domain affords you international appeal, while a domain like .com or .co.uk may lead customers to feel your services are country specific. If you are interested in finding out whether the domain extension of your choice is available, simply use our convenient domain checker. Just enter the domain of your choice and check the availability. The domain checker will not only tell you whether your preferred domain name is available, it will also make other suggestions you may not have considered. Once you have chosen your domain name, signing up is quick and easy. Find out how a top level domain can boost your brand by ordering your own .fitness domain now.

As with anything new, you might be skeptical to take this leap of faith into the unknown. While the new top level domains are still breaking into the market, as everything moves towards a more international audience the old, country specific domains will become redundant. So while the new domain extension may be unfamiliar to begin with, as more and more businesses join to set themselves apart, you will be glad you joined the game early and gave yourself the competitive edge. This is a chance to get ahead of the game before anyone else snaps up your choice of domain name. To compete on the modern market, order your .fitness domain and give your website and online presence a fighting chance.

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