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It is time to expect more from your domain name! As the internet evolves, so too should the way you use it. With the launch of new top-level domains, you can personalize your web presence to make sure it is serving you to the best of its ability. Rather than being tied to the old .com domains, make use of the opportunities a domain like .healthcare offers you and your business. If you have a .com domain, now is the time to enhance it from a wide variety of alternative options, like .clinic, .surgery, .vision or .care. Carve out a distinctive online identity and buy a .healthcare domain name today.

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While creating a memorable online presence is crucial to the success of your website, a .healthcare domain is about more than that. A domain name that is relevant to the services you provide from start to finish can positively improve your SEO rankings. This, in turn, can boost the traffic to your site and will ensure customers keep returning to your page. And with a clear domain name like .healthcare, .dental or .network, every visitor to your page will immediately be able to see which services you provide.

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.healthcare domain names


It may be easy to dismiss new IT trends if you are in the healthcare business, thinking you should be more focused on your patients. And you should! But new domain extensions may also be important in providing your patients with the healthcare they need. More than in any other business, quick answers are crucial within the healthcare industry. Patients need results and they need them fast, with no time to waste searching the Internet for the appropriate services. A new top-level domain like .healthcare allows you to quickly and efficiently identify yourself to the patient. A domain name like .dental or .vision will instantly tell the visitor of your page the exact area of healthcare you cover. .healthcare nTLDs are the ideal way to reach more patients, quickly.

There are two initial things to consider when registering your .healthcare domain: cost and trademarking. How much your domain extension will cost depends on a variety of factors, like the popularity of the domain extension in question. Certain domains like .healthcare might prove to be quite popular and therefore more expensive, but with other solutions to choose from, like .services or .partners, for example, there is a top-level domain extension for every budget. IONOS also offers great domain deals to help you snap up a .healthcare domain at a good price. When it comes to trademarking, it is advisable to apply for the trademark as soon as you purchase the domain name. There are pitfalls both when applying for the trademark and buying already trademarked domain names. Make sure you are aware of any possible issues before buying a .healthcare domain.

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