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These are the advantages of .icu domains

Personal, activating, and easy to remember: Start your project with a domain that also works internationally and does not restrict you to national boundaries. .icu is the internationally popular short form of "I see you". With it, you address your target group more directly than ever before and send your website visitors the message: I see you! It's like it was made for small businesses and start-ups who prefer personal, direct communication. And what's more: With the .icu domain extension, there is a particularly good chance that your domain name has not yet been assigned. Start with your .icu domain right away!

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.icu is a domain extension owned by ShortDot SA, an internet registry based in Luxembourg.
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.icu domain


The chance that your chosen domain name is still available is particularly high with an nTLD like .icu in contrast to classic country TLDs that have been available for years and thus often already assigned. Moreover, you position yourself more internationally than with country TLDs, since .icu works best worldwide. .icu is full of possibilities!

No, .icu is a completely open and available extension.


Of course you can also move an existing .icu domain from another provider to IONOS. To do this, you need an authorisation code from your current provider. Sometimes it is simply abbreviated to Authcode or Authinfo. Each provider is obliged to provide this upon request. The code consists of 6 to 16 characters and is valid for 30 days. During this period, you will perform the transfer. Simply go to our domain transfer page, enter the domain you want to move, and follow the steps displayed. A domain transfer is very simple and is usually completed within 14 days.

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