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Web hosting & server deals

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Flexibility: Comprehensive web hosting deals
Best performance: Virtual, cloud, root, and dedicated server deals
Powerful protection: Automated backup & geo-redundancy


For one website or project

$4/month No risk, cancel anytime

Best for 1 website

10 GB storage

10 databases (1 GB SSD)

10 email accounts

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .com, .biz, .org, .me, .online, .net, .us, .ca, .info.Close


For larger web projects

Special Offer
1st month $1/month then $8/month No risk, cancel anytime

Best for up to 5 websites

100 GB storage

25 databases (1 GB SSD)

25 email accounts

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .com, .biz, .org, .me, .online, .net, .us, .ca, .info.Close

Initial performance level 1 At level 1 you have a 512 MB PHP memory limit and up to 2.5 GB RAM, so your site can handle around 100 visitors per minute. Upgrade your performance level at any time up to level 5.Close


For multiple large web projects

$14/month No risk, cancel anytime

Best for up to 50 websites

500 GB storage

500 databases (1 GB SSD)

500 email accounts

Free domain Included free domain extensions: .com, .biz, .org, .me, .online, .net, .us, .ca, .info.Close

Initial performance level 3 At level 3 you have a 640 MB PHP memory limit and up to 9 GB RAM, so your site can handle around 300 visitors per minute. Upgrade your performance level at any time up to level 5.Close

SiteLock malware protection SiteLock provides enhanced protection against malware, vulnerabilities, and other online threats.Close

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Our Content Delivery Network boosts performance by caching your website and distributing it across 150+ data centers worldwide. Users receive data from the closest server, and get faster loading times as a result.Close

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Choose from a wide range of hosting offers tailored to your needs

Great value hosting

Get access to the webspace you need and start building, publishing, and growing your website today! At 1&1 IONOS we have customizable web hosting deals designed for all businesses and web projects - ideal for blogs, eCommerce, or resource intensive projects. Plus, all of our inclusive packages give our customers unlimited access to the 1&1 IONOS Website Builder as well as a host of clever tools and smart features that make creating your dream website a breeze. So, try 1&1 IONOS today and get the perfect web hosting package in seconds - your professional site will be up and running in next to no time.

Fast and powerful web resources

How does 100% performance, availability, and customization sound? At 1&1 IONOS we take unlimited webspace and pair it with geo-redundancy and 1&1 IONOS SiteLock so your hosting deal is always fast and secure. We then add to this the 1&1 IONOS App Center - expertly curated by our hosting specialists, you'll find the most useful plugins and extensions that will bring your project to life. So, if you've been looking for a service provider you can rely on day in day out, then discover what a 1&1 IONOS web hosting deal can do for you.

Wide variety of server choice

Choose from a variety of server types, including dedicated, virtual, and cloud - providing you with the availability, reliability, and performance you need, when you need it. Our server options have something for everyone; whether you're just starting out in the server world, or you're looking to upgrade your current server deal to something scalable, at 1&1 IONOS our server deals are there to take you to the next phase of your business model. What's more, our trained, friendly staff are on hand 24/7 to help you decide on the next step.
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Hosting deals / Server deals

Whatever you need a web hosting deal for, we have got the right one for you. Because there are so many options available online, at 1&1 IONOS we've made it simple to decide: we offer a reasonable number of comprehensive web hosting deals.

Our smallest package is our all-inclusive beginners solution and features plenty of web space, websites, and a domain if required. It's the ideal package for both professional blogs and entry level websites. Our next step package combines great value for those looking to use interactive and dynamic content, and features enhanced security with access to over 120 web apps. Our most extensive package is the perfect choice for resource intensive projects and includes everything you see in the previously presented packages in addition to 1&1 IONOS CDN with Railgun™, SSL Certificates and the 1&1 IONOS App Expert Support.
Of course! We know that as your business changes, so do your hosting needs. That's why we've made it straightforward for anyone wanting to change their hosting deal. If you need increased support then it's simply a matter of upgrading your existing package. Plus, thanks to our geo-redundant servers, you don't have to worry about experiencing any downtime. This is because everything is backed up in two separate locations, making transferring your hosting deal seamless.

Alternatively, if you're happy with your package but want to benefit from the great features available in the upgrade, 1&1 IONOS web hosting deals come with a range of optional bolt-ons such as SiteLock Basic and 1&1 IONOS CDN that can be added to your hosting package at any time. So, you can pick and choose the combination of extras that works best for you.
Choosing a server deal is a big decision. Your choice will depend on several things: what kind of website you own or are planning to build; whether your website needs special software; and what kind of traffic you expect to have. At 1&1 IONOS we have approximately 70,000 servers in operation. Choose from a selection of dedicated servers that are ideal for medium to large projects.

Alternatively, if you're just starting out, virtual servers are a great way to hit the ground running. Finally, cloud servers are the perfect choice for scalability and high traffic website owners. What's more, we offer a one month trial for all of our server deals. So, if you decide at any point that the server deal you've chosen isn't the right one for you, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee. Plus, if you have any further questions, you can contact our dedicated support team 24/7.
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