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What is a .contact domain?

A domain with the ending or top-level domain (TLD) “.contact” is a great addition to your existing domains or a suitable new choice if variants with more traditional TLDs are already taken.

The purpose of the .contact domain was to create a recognizable extension for businesses and companies to use to help customers contact them easily. Top Level Spectrum, Inc. manages this domain ending and calls a .contact domain a win-win scenario for businesses. It is one of several technology category TLDs in the ICANN register, and was made available in December 2020. Of course, .contact domain registration is possible with IONOS.

With a .contact domain you’re providing your audience with more context about where they’re ‘going’ on the internet. Under this domain they will find numerous ways to contact your business and stay in touch.

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Which purposes are .contact domains suitable for?

A .contact domain is ideal if you are looking to create a dedicated portal for customer contact. This might be if you run a busy website and want to ensure that customer service isn’t part of the load on your main website..

Buying a .contact domain is suitable for those who want to show clients that their business is customer-service oriented and transparent, and demonstrate that the business is modern and tech-minded as it has opted for a modern take on a TLD .The “classic” TLDs like .com. or .net are suitable for most purposes. Newer TLDs like .contact are becoming more specific, which is why it’s really helpful to have a .contact domain.

You can acquire one as an addition to your existing domains. If you open a new business which relies on customer communications, a domain with .contact leads your customers to all important information they need to know.

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When registering your individual .contact domain name you should consider that it hast to consist of between 1 and 63 characters. You can use letters and numbers, but no special characters. Choose a domain name that suits your business and is easy to remember. Furthermore, it’s important that you don’t hurt any other brand copyrights. It’s also clever to secure your own brand by registering your favorite domain name with other TLDs beside .contact. The domain check at IONOS will show you several suggestions.

When buying a .contact domain you should consider that the costs will renew every year. At IONOS, you’ll pay $7.80 for the first year and $12 per year after that. The registration of your .contact domain renews automatically unless you cancel it.

Anyone can buy a .contact domain. It can be used for your web presence, and for your own email domain. The IONOS domain check shows you if your favorite domain name with .contact is still available. Additionally, you get useful suggestions with other top-level domains as well as possible combinations with other domain names..

Newer domain extensions such as .contact domains are more descriptive and unique than traditional TLDs such as .com. .contact is useful for individuals and businesses looking to make it easy for clients to get in touch with them. It was developed to help businesses create a transparent online communication point for their clients. Furthermore, many combinations with traditional domain endings are already taken. With the new .contact domain ending you have more opportunities to find your favorite domain as long as it’s not copyrighted by another brand.

The way TLDs affect SEO is to give search engines information as to their content, target audience, and relevance. If your website is built so that clients can contact you, this TLD should help make this clear for SEO.

A .contact domain can benefit your social media marketing as you’ll be able to incorporate it directly into your social media brand. By using your domain as your social media name, it gives your clients the chance to remember your full web address. This could be especially useful for e-commerce businesses who often rely on this form of online marketing. Using a .contact domain within your social media marketing can be really effective, here’s why:

  • .contact domains were developed for transparency and ease of use, so your social media will also benefit from this transparency when incorporating your .contact domain.
  • .contact domains place your customer in the middle of the focus of your brand, which is ideal in social media use where there are so many businesses out there and contact information can get lost in the mix.
  • .contact domains are perfect for marketing companies and send a clear message – get in touch! By using your .contact domain in your social media, you’ll expand that reach even more, and help your customers remember your name, too!

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