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Magento Hosting

The flexible, open-source eCommerce solution

  • A software stack for supporting your Magento business
  • Servers built for speed and high volumes of traffic
  • IONOS data centers ensure top-notch security
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A successful store with Magento hosting

What is Magento hosting?

Magento is a free, open-source eCommerce platform that enables store merchants to create a completely customizable online store. The PHP-based platform is one of the most popular standalone eCommerce platforms available. It has been downloaded over 500,000 times since its release in 2008.

Owned by one of the internet’s largest retailers, eBay Inc., the Magento eCommerce solution is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate your needs, no matter the size of your store. It’s SEO-friendly and built specifically with sales in mind. In order to install Magento, it’s recommended that yourserver has at least 2 GB of RAM as well as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) installed.

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Infrastructure that's built to succeed

Great eCommerce store performance starts with optimal server architecture and software configuration that allows your platform to run at peak efficiency. IONOS has more than 20 years of experience in hosting and offers flexible cloud servers.

In addition to secure backups at a physically separate data center and the option to set up an SSL Certificate, IONOS has many other great security features. SiteLock, for instance, actively safeguards and scans your website against viruses, malware and unauthorized access.

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Product and package overview

Use Magento with any IONOS Cloud Server.

Cloud Server XS


1 vCore


512 MB


30 GB

$0.0069 /hour max. $5/month.

Cloud Server S


1 vCore


1 GB


40 GB

$0.0111 /hour max. $8/month.

Cloud Server M


2 vCores


2 GB


60 GB

$0.0222 /hour max. $16/month.

Cloud Server L


2 vCores


4 GB


80 GB

$0.0333 /hour max. $24/month.

Cloud Server XL


4 vCores


8 GB


120 GB

$0.0694 /hour max. $50/month.

Cloud Server XXL


8 vCores


16 GB


160 GB

$0.1389 /hour max. $100/month.

Cloud Server 3XL


12 vCores


24 GB


240 GB

$0.2222 /hour max. $160/month.

Cloud Server 4XL


16 vCores


32 GB


360 GB

$0.3333 /hour max. $240/month.

Cloud Server 5XL


24 vCores


48 GB


480 GB

$0.5000 /hour max. $360/month.
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Why choose Magento?

Magento is especially suitable for stores with large product catalogs. Its flexibility means that it grows with your store, so there’s no need to worry about outgrowing the eCommerce solution. With the vast array of themes available at the Magento Marketplace, you can design your store exactly to your liking. The free and fee-based add-ons enable you to add additional features including a page speed optimizer, product feed and out of stock notifications among others. With Magento, store operators will find all the tools and solutions needed to build a successful business.

Magento Software is optimized for search engines thanks to features such as the XML site map and Google content API to help your store on the route to success. Other invaluable features include, but are not limited to, analytics and reporting, product browsing, catalog management, customer service, and marketing promotions and tools.

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Magento hosting

FAQ – Frequently asked questons

Magento is the world's favorite software for online stores. Opting for Magento hosting from IONOS makes everything a lot simpler. We provide you with the technical means and the necessary performance to get your online store started. It's worth noting that managing a Magento store on your own can require between 2 to 10 full-time developers, depending on the size and complexity of your store. Things can get complicated very quickly without the right familiarity, so that's why alongside the hardware needed to operate a Magento server, you also benefit from experts familiar with Magento's demands, for example, PHP scripting languages and MySQL databases. If you have the knowledge and proper architecture in place to install the software yourself, then you may only need to order webspace or a server with enough power to run your system. However, with IONOS, you can simply select the IONOS package that best suits you and then choose Magento. Additional open-source software can be installed at any time from the IONOS App Center.

In case you need to build a store with a smaller catalog or you are under time pressure and need to launch the store fast, you can opt for eCommerce Website Builder. Unlike open-source solutions, this IONOS proprietary platform allows you to build a store with physical or digital products, categorize them, has built-in SEO for product pages and includes free hosting services. CSS functionality allows you further customization. The store is optimized for speed with CDN, but you still have to take care of the picture size to ensure easy loading of the page. The csv import assistance function allows you to organize the data you're importing to all of your products with a few clicks, without the need for a developer. From a resources perspective, for a 500-product store and a properly prepared csv you can go live on your own in one day.

When you decide to work with Magento to run your store, it's best not to skimp on securing a proper server. Magento hosting requires a lot of resources to run smoothly, including large amounts of computing power, memory and storage space. During peak shopping times, such as before Christmas and Black Friday, increased traffic to your site could result in slower loading times. This could cost you customers looking for a convenient online shopping experience, as well as hurt your store's Google ranking. Choosing IONOS will give you the power you need to accommodate high amounts of traffic, and with three Magento packages (shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud server) to choose from, you are sure to find the right Magento web hosting option.

The ideal Magento hosting service will provide top performance together with the appropriate hardware to handle the size and complexity of the software. The type of hosting package, including the corresponding server capabilities, will depend on the size of your project. How many products your Magento-based store should offer and how many visitors it receives per day should be taken into account. With Magento hosting from IONOS, the maximum performance of the server infrastructure is important to ensure optimal loading times – crucial for running a successful eCommerce business. We make this possible by using current hardware and an exceptionally fast internet connection as well as making sure that not too many customers share the same server.

If you already use Magento but feel limited by the performance and processing power of your setup, you can always sign up with us at IONOS. If you need more storage space, memory and exceptional performance, all without the technical hassle of maintaining a server yourself, then we have the right package for you. Transferring your Magento server over to us couldn't be easier.

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