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Domains & Hosting

Designed for WordPress professionals

With over 1 million WP websites on our servers, we know what people go through when creating their projects. After listening to your feedback, we've built the perfect solution.
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A speed increase of up to 300% for your WP website.

Dedicated cloud server infrastrucure with NGINX (Full SSD)

NGINX is well known for needing fewer resources to scale at great speeds. The increase in performance means it can handle requests quicker and efficiently distribute static and dynamic resources. We've combined it with a full SSD platform and dedicated cloud infrastructure.

What a cache

WP Pro caches everything, including dynamic content, server-generated HTML and REST APIs thanks to the instant purge capabilities of our state-of-the-art caching technology. Ideal for users looking for high-performance content delivery, which we've combined with CDN caching that reroutes data to the nearest of 40 locations.

Automatic image optimization

Save on bandwidth and rapidly decrease loading times with automatic image optimization. The latest technology resizes and transcodes images to match the device dimensions of the end user.

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Save time and energy when developing.

Algorithm based updates with Deep Learning and AI

Users are notified of the results of the scans and can rest assured that your website won't go live if the automated regression testing tool determines any issues.

Staging and cloning

We've included a staging environment to help ease the stress of adapting content on a live WordPress site. Create a copy of your website within just a few clicks and when ready, set it free.

Multi WP website management & SEO Toolkit

Running multiple websites can be a time-consuming business. The Multisite Management dashboard takes some of that stress away by grouping together updates and reports for all projects on a particular server.

The built-in SEO Toolkit also makes sure those up-to-date websites are easily found online.

Learn more about the WordPress Toolkit

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Intelligent security features.

Manual and automated backups

With up to 2 TB of storage, you can automatically back up your sites on a daily basis, or do it manually if preferred. Set automatic backup rules with just a few clicks.

Malware protection

One-click malware cleanup and scan, remove and repair capabilities are provided thanks to smart security tools.

Free SSL

Your customers trust you to keep their websites safe. Protect all of your projects with a free and easy-to-activate SSL certificate.

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What's included with WP Pro

Made with WordPress developers, designers and agencies in mind.

Powerful trio:

1. Cloud server - highly flexible, built in seconds

Dedicated cloud infrastructure that includes an NGINX server optimized for dynamic WordPress content, state-of-the-art MariaDB for increased performance, plus a full SSD platform for super-fast loading times.

2. Speed Kit

Boost and accelerate your projects by up to 300% with automatic image optimization and advanced caching technology.

3. WordPress Toolkit

The backup function within the WP Toolkit allows you to manually back up your site with storage of up to 2 TB. There is also the option to run automated backups if you're happy to hand over control.

Read more about the WP Toolkit

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Get personalized support from WP experts

We’ve been WordPress fanatics since b2/cafelog.

Supporting you and your projects

Our WordPress support team is made up of fanatics like you, who will happily answer any questions you have, no matter how technical they are.

We're one of Europe's biggest WP hosts for a reason. By developing our hosting and WordPress infrastructure ourselves, we're able to offer products and advice that actually work well out in the field.

Supporting the community

In fact we take WordPress so seriously that we regularly sponsor and contribute to events like WordCamp and the Karlsruhe WordPress Meetups, and our WP developers also constantly work together and communicate with other devs within the community.
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Make it happen with professional WordPress

Choose your WP Pro plan and get started on your next WP project.
Free domain and email
SSL certificates for all sites
24/7 WordPress support


The perfect starting point for WordPress professionals

Only $18/month Risk-free for 30 days

1 WordPress project


1 vCore / 2 GB RAM

Daily Cloud backups

AI-checked updates


Advanced resources for demanding WordPress and WooCommerce sites

Only $48/month Risk-free for 30 days

1 WordPress project


2 vCores / 4 GB RAM

Daily Cloud backups

AI-checked updates

Varnish based caching and CDN

Malware protection


Host more websites and benefit from more features

Only $120/month Risk-free for 30 days

Up to 10 WordPress projects

100 GB SSD

6 vCores / 10 GB RAM

Daily Cloud backups

AI-checked updates

Varnish based caching and CDN

Malware protection

SEO Toolkit

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The WordPress Toolkit. The only tool you'll ever need to manage all your projects

Great websites should work with as little configuration as possible.

Multisite management


You won't believe how easy administering your projects is with WP Pro. Manage multiple sites with the intuitive control panel and move websites from one server to another, without losing valuable files and databases.

Stage testing

Test new features and ideas in a sandbox before publishing, all without the need for extra plugins or separate servers.

Smooth updates

Smart Updates constantly looks for new updates and prevents your WordPress site from running into trouble. Once implementing an update, Smart Updates tests your site by looking for bugs, errors and any display issues. You will then be notified about the results and can choose whether to go ahead and publish or not.
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Introducing the most powerful WordPress duo ever seen – NGINX & The IONOS Cloud Server

Performance overload with NGINX, SSD and MariaDB

NGINX Cloud Server – the #1 for handling peak traffic

With its well-known ability to deliver efficient performance while using less resources, is it any wonder NGINX is trusted by companies like Netflix, AirBnB, Pinterest and Eventbrite?

SSD that supports fast load times

Reaching levels 10x faster than HDDS, we've included full SSD to make sure your site runs the way it deserves.


State-of-the-art database technology for an increase in performance and speed.
See power plans
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What a cache!

Cache everything from server-generated HTML and REST APIs. CDN caching makes sure that data is routed to the nearest of 40 edge locations while cache coherence guarantees that content is updated globally in 150 ms. Other features include dynamic blocks, browser caching and dynamic content caching.

Optimized network

Thanks to service workers, HTTP/2, tuned TLS and improved TCP, all resources are transmitted over the network efficiently and effectively. Other features include automatic session resumption, OCSP stapling, record sizing, ALPN and API-based periodic refreshing.

3rd-party optimization

Speed up third party resources like fonts and scripts and dependencies, by processing multiple input/output events over the same connection as the actual page itself. The WP Pro platform also allows you to browse your site offline thanks to PWA

Safety first

Malware protection by ImunifyAV is an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware cleanup, domains reputation monitoring and blacklist status check. Combined with a free SSL certificate, your website is safer than ever.
"Imunify AV dashboard with ""Clean up those files from malicious code"" written and buttons that say ""Cancel"" and ""Yes, clean up"" "

Building a sustainable future

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IONOS is committed to the responsible use of resources and reducing our environmental footprint. From the use of green energy to sourcing the most energy-efficient technology available for our data centers, sustainability is at the heart of our world-class WordPress hosting solutions.
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