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.me domain overview

DomainFirst year priceRenewal priceTypeTLD registry
.me domain$1$20country codeGovernment of Montenegro

What is a .me domain?

The .me domain was originally created as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the country of Montenegro after it declared independence from Serbia and Montenegro. Originally, .me was limited to Montenegrins, but in 2008 Montenegro opened registration to anyone around the world.
Webmasters from all over the world recognized this great opportunity and registered a .me domain. Since this domain is used worldwide, search engines see the .me domain as a generic top-level domain (gTLD) rather than a ccTLD,. This means it shows up in global web searches. Search engines treat TLDs the same way, so it doesn’t matter whether your domain is a .com, .org, .info, or .me.
One disadvantage of gTLDs like .com, .org, and .info is that they have been around a lot longer than the .me domain. What does this mean for you? It means most of the name options have already been snapped up. With a .me domain, you'll have a lot more choice when you register your domain name.
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Where can I use a .me domain?

.me domains are a great choice for personalized domains and call-to-action domains like purchase.me or click.me. It is the perfect domain extension for anyone interested in building their own brand. It also offers a lot of versatility for websites names, blogs, and resumés. Many companies use the .me domain to come across as more approachable to their customers.

Most site visitors don’t have time to read what your business has to offer. A .me domain is a great choice, simply because it's so concise. A quick glance at your domain is all it takes for the visitor to find out what your company is all about — another win for a .me domain!

The .me domain’s versatility knows no bounds, especially since "me" is such a frequently used word in the English. There are also so many words ending with these two letters, such as game, home, awesome, and name. Time Magazine cleverly registered the ti.me domain using it to forward visitors to their main domain, time.com. Super short, catchy, and easy to remember, you can’t go wrong with a .me domain.

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Why .me domain?

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.me domain

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Yes! .me domains are search-friendly, trustworthy, and spam-free, and are completely safe to register. Checked for abuse on a daily basis, they are as secure as any other domain. Many of the big online brands like Facebook, Spotify, and PayPal are using .me domains.

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) like .me can appeal to locals and raise trust. Search engines reward this trust with better rankings. Since the .me domain can now be registered by anyone no matter their location, this has led to it gaining global recognition. Google has since recognized the .me domain as a generic TLD (gTLD) and now ranks it the same way as other well-known gTLDs, such as .com, and .org. In short, you’re not disadvantaged in any way if you choose a .me domain.

Yes. The .me domain is available free of charge from IONOS for one year if you purchase the website or online store builders, web hosting, or WordPress hosting.

Many well-known companies have realized the potential of a .me domain and jumped on the bandwagon. The online payments system, PayPal, is one company that tried out the .me domain for better user experience and to appear more personal. With PayPal.me, users are able to get paid quicker than ever by sending their own personal PayPal.me link to whomever owes them money.

Another example is Facebook, which uses FB.me as the Facebook shortener on its mobile interface, enabling mobile links to be shortened from m.facebook.com to FB.me.

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