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Referral Program

Spread the word and earn up to $300

Order directly for someone else and collect your commission faster, or use one of the other easy options below.
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Learn how easy it works!

With the Referral Program you can earn money in three simple steps:
  1. Recommend a product,
  2. wait for a sale
  3. and earn money!

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Recommend us to earn money automatically

It's easy to start earning commission through our referral program.

Recommend a product

The IONOS product range offers something for everyone. Order for someone you know to automatically earn commission.

Order online

Send an email

Send a link

Domain forwarding

Wait for a sale

So you sent your recommendation? The hard work is done and now you just need to wait until an order has been placed via your referral.

If you order directly online, you can skip this step.

Earn money

You will automatically get your commission once the sale of the recommended product or package is completed and the 30-day free trial is over.

Click here to view the current commission list.

Order online to automatically earn commission

Please make sure to enter your Customer ID when ordering so we can release your commission.

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Succeed online with a great domain name

Register your domain with IONOS and benefit from our comprehensive features.
Recommendation via email
Select the product that you want to recommend and click 'Continue'. If you provide your Customer ID here, the referral contract will be assigned to you and you will receive your commission payment automatically.
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Recommendation via link

Put your unused domains to work

Every purchase that goes through your forwarded domain will automatically net you a commission.

Domain forwarding

Did you know that you can earn attractive rewards with your unused domains? And with hardly any time or effort.

It's easy:

  1. After logging in to IONOS by 1&1 Control Panel, select your unused domain under 'Domains & SSL / Manage your website address'
  2. Click on "Use your domain" and then 'Earn money with your domain'
  3. Choose 'Recommend IONOS by 1&1 with your domain name'

That's it! Now you'll automatically get a commission for every customer who orders a IONOS by 1&1 product through your forwarded domain.

Start now

(*) By sharing links, you agree to the IONOS Referral Program terms and conditions.

The IONOS Referral Program

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You can recommend our products using email, a link or by sharing on social media networks.

You will receive your commission for the referred product 42 days after the ordered contract has been activated. The amount of your commission depends on the product referred. A detailed list can be found here.

After the 42-day waiting period of the activated contract has passed, the commission is transferred to the payment method stored in your control panel. Please note,however, that any commissions you earn cannot be credited to a credit card.

You can find all the information you need about the customer referral program in the terms and conditions of participation.

You will be notified via email of the order's status.

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