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Why should independent businesses need a website?

In short, a small business website is crucial for getting found by potential customers. Think of your website like an online business card that’s easy to update and accessible 24/7.

After all, most people look online when they’re interested in a product or service. And if your company doesn’t have a website, then you might be missing out on potential customers searching online for a product or service like yours. If you add search engine marketing and SEO to your new website, you can increase your chances of getting found even further.

Building your own small business website means you can design it to meet your exact needs. This isn't possible with just a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram or any of the other social media platforms.

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What information belongs on a small business website?

To get the most out of your small business website, there's certain information you need to include. Your site doesn’t have to be complicated with a lot of content to be successful — just listing your company's contact info is a great way to start. Here's a few things that every SME website should include:

  • Contact info, business location (preferably with a map), plus a written description of how to get there
  • Your mission and a little bit about what you and your team do
  • Photos, logos or other images that can help people remember your company
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Reviews and comments from existing customers

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Engaging templates optimized for business

No need to pay a designer, just pick a template and go.

Mobile responsive and built for business

Our web designers have created MyWebsite Now's templates to meet the needs of small businesses like yours. They're easy to edit, adaptable to just about any service, and you don't need any coding skills or experience.
Plus, all templates are mobile responsive, so they're guaranteed to work seamlessly on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.
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Professional email

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Domain and SSL

Your domain is free for the first year. We'll also throw in an SSL certificate to help protect your visitors' data.

Responsive design

No matter what device your visitors are using, responsive design means your website always displays flawlessly.

Easy analytics

Keep track of visitor numbers and other statistics with the analytics tool. Use the data to improve your website even more.

Built-in privacy tools

Privacy matters. Make your site transparent with a ready-made cookie banner and comply with strict privacy laws like the GDPR.

Grows with you

Thinking bigger? Great! Easily add marketing tools or an online store to your website at any time.
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Websites for SMEs


Attracting visitors to your small business website should be one of your first goals. An easy way to get started is to fill out the company profile on your website. It contains important data such as your company’s address and email address. This not only keeps your customers up to date, but it's also really important for search engines. Keeping your contact info updated and consistent on your website can help improve your rankings.

If you want to improve your reach even further, list your businesses in popular directories with local business listings. You can verify your company profile on Google Maps, Yelp, or other directories. This way you'll be found both online and off.

You can create a website for your small and medium business in just a few steps — even if you don’t have any knowledge of programming languages like HTML or CSS. First, choose the right plan and create an account with IONOS. After you pick a custom domain, you can choose a website template. Then all you have to do is fill it with great content! The IONOS website builder makes it all simple and intuitive.

You can also be creative and design the website yourself with our small business website builder. Search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely something you should think about, especially if you want more people to find your site. In Search Engine Optimization from A to Z, you'll find some great explanations for the most common SEO terms.

All IONOS websites include an SSL certificate. By encrypting any information visitors transfer to your site, an SSL certificate reliably protects your visitor's data. However, there are also other rules your small business website has to follow. A few US states have enacted data protection legislation. We recommend checking if any of these apply to you.

  • Companies that do business in California need to follow the California Consumer Privacy Act. This legislation gives people residing in the state control over how their personal data is used. Because of California's size, this act is likely to set the national standard for data protection.
  • In Virginia, the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) is set to take effect on January 1, 2023. After that date, the CDPA will be the second consumer data privacy law in the United States.
  • Two states — Washington and New York — both have bills currently under debate. If passed, the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) and the New York Privacy Act (NYPA) could soon come into force.

Don’t live in CA, VA, WA or NY? Try any one of these privacy measures to make your website more transparent:

  • Privacy policy: There is no US federal law that requires a privacy policy. But if you collect personal information from users, it makes sense to include a privacy policy on your site that explains how you handle visitor's data.
  • Links to social media: When linking to social media platforms, make sure that your visitors can decide for themselves whether they want their data transferred.
  • Comment section: If your small business website allows visitors to leave comments, you should let them know that you are saving their data.

Although the GDPR is a European Union (EU) initiative, if your website handles any data from visitors who live there, then your website has to comply with the EU's GDPR.